It was brought to my attention at the last New Zealand Voice Academy that I wasn't being entirely fair in terms of representing female voice actors on this blog, possibly because of my own unconscious bias of being a male voice actor and therefore only 'seeing' male voice acting. Since International Women's Day was recently celebrated, but mostly because there are some amazing female talents out there, I am making a special effort to fairly represent both male and female work this year on this blog. So here goes;

I came across this video today. It's very understated, poetic, relaxed, and compelling. The brand is incredibly surprising at the end! Have a listen to some great abstract story telling, and listen how she modulates her voice for the different voices of the fire and of the wind...

Getting out of the way

Last one for the year... Now, Benedict Cumberbach is a fantastic actor, as everyone knows.

But this video is a great example, not of him acting and him being big and bold and ceentre stage. No - this is what you learn as an experienced voice actor that sometimes you need to 'get out of the way'. Let the pictures tell the story, and do not over power them with your bellowing mellifluous tones!

All Benedict does is give a great subtle read, an even keel, even pace... and let the pictures deliver the emotion. He is the bedrock upon which this piece is built - not the mountainous peak..

This trailer offers a unique glimpse of some of the BBC's biggest upcoming dramas, including The Casual Vacancy, an adaptation of JK Rowling's novel, Roald Dahl's Esio Trot, The Missing, One Child and The Interceptor.

Cat voices

Okay, Ze Frank is one of those internet celebrities who started imitating Morgan Freeman and others, in his amazing series including 'Sad Cat' and 'Sad Dog' diaries, as well as his True Facts series, but now I feel like he is not imitating anymore and has his own voice - distinct from Freeman's. This time he is on a commercial campaign (be it via Buzzfeed) for a cat food company doing what he does best and giving us that voice of a cat's inner monologue that just works so well!

Volvo - The abstract category.

I really like voicing commercials like the one below.

They are abstract. They are beautiful. Some would say, pretentious perhaps?

But I think their point is their abstraction and beauty. I mean, What can you say about modern cars? They are all the same and all do practically exactly what all the others do. You have to appeal to the customer to tell a story that relates personally to that individual customer - and that has to be done from within that customer.

Whenever I am struck by a great piece of art in a gallery, for instance, and it moves me and lets me find some kind of inner truth... it is the voice inside me that is telling me these truths - and it's not being spelled out by typography.

I think the same with this bracket of advertising. If you inspire someone then you allow them to open the door to their hearts - and get them to tell their own story.

The Voices of the Industry come together...

I was very humbled and grateful to be included in the Voices.com first Industry panel which was recorded last week. The topic was about industry rates; how they are set, what you should charge, and many other interesting facets to this topic. 

It features some of the top talent in the industry including Bruce Kronenberg, Kabir Singh, Naomi Mercer, Kevin McDonald, Carrie Olsen, Tommy Griffiths, Guy Michaels, Ben Jackson, and Jim Kennelly.

You can watch  the hour-long discussion below;