Volvo - The abstract category.

I really like voicing commercials like the one below.

They are abstract. They are beautiful. Some would say, pretentious perhaps?

But I think their point is their abstraction and beauty. I mean, What can you say about modern cars? They are all the same and all do practically exactly what all the others do. You have to appeal to the customer to tell a story that relates personally to that individual customer - and that has to be done from within that customer.

Whenever I am struck by a great piece of art in a gallery, for instance, and it moves me and lets me find some kind of inner truth... it is the voice inside me that is telling me these truths - and it's not being spelled out by typography.

I think the same with this bracket of advertising. If you inspire someone then you allow them to open the door to their hearts - and get them to tell their own story.