Award-Winning British voiceover Artist

Winner of 7 awards at One Voice Awards 2018 & 2019 in London, including Male Voice Over of the Year two years in a row

Toby Ricketts British UK Voice artist VOTY award 2018
Toby Ricketts Voiceover commercial award One voice 2018
Toby Ricketts Voice over 2019 best British male TV commercial artist
Toby Ricketts British Voice Artist VOTY award 2019

If you are looking to hire the best male British Voiceover artist, then look no further! Here are some demos to demonstrate why Toby Ricketts has been voted the leading voice over artist for the last two years at the UK’s voice awards…

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Clients and all over the world who need to hire a voiceover for their projects trust Toby Ricketts for premium quality, world class voice over recordings. Toby Ricketts has worked with the biggest brands on the planet to turn their creative vision into a reality - from Facebook, to Netflix, to Samsung and BMW, to IBM and Mars!


How fast can you record my voiceover?

I can supply high quality finished voice recordings within 24 hours of receiving the final script! Just fill out my simple quote or work request form below.

How much does a hiring a voiceover artist cost?

The cost varies depending on a variety of factors including;

  • How long the script is in words

  • How and where the Voiceover will be used

  • The end value that a client will be extracting from this work

  • How long the license length is (if required)

    As a guide, a script to be used online only (not paid placement) for a small company will cost around US$350, for a national brand $600, and an international brand $1000. Please contact using the form below for a fixed quote.

What if I need to fix mistakes or change words?

If you feel the read did not exactly meet your expectations or if any words were mispronounced then re-recording of any or all of the script is free of charge. If the script changes then there is a $100 fee (up to 250 words changed) to cover the time for rerecording.

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