Award-Winning British / UK Voice Actor

Winner of 4 awards at the recent One Voice Awards 2018 in London, including Male Voice Over of the Year


Listen To Some Of Toby Ricketts' British / UK Voice Over Samples Below!

Trusted, High-Quality Voice Over Recordings

Clients in the UK and all over the world trust Toby Ricketts for premium quality, world class voice over recordings. From Facebook, to Netflix, to Samsung and BMW, Toby Ricketts has worked with the biggest brands on the planet to turn their creative vision into a reality.


What Are You Waiting For?

Toby was born and raised in Brighton in the UK. Given that he grew up with this accent, it is something he can naturally tap into and switch on.

His UK voice talents have been used internationally to promote BMW, Netflix, Facebook UK, Samsung, Google, Shell, Abbvie, SHKForex, Proctor&Gamble, as well as hundreds of others.