How do I order a voice over online?

Step 1

Use the Contact Form or email to get in touch. Explain your project, any budget or deadlines you may have, and if possibly include a sample of your script so that a demo of the read can be provided. For an accurate price calculation please include the following:
The type of production (Broadcast, web only, internal corporate, IVR, eLearning etc.)
Whether it is intended as private, or public (eg. local only, regional, nationwide, or global audience)
The length of the script in words
The end client (who is being advertised / communicated) and how large that company is (e.g startup with one office, business with multiple offices, or an international brand)
The length of license - how long you intend for this to be used (eg. 6 months, 12 months, in perpetuity)
Any special requirements, such as if you need a live monitoring of the session via Skype, ISDN, Source Connect etc. Or if you need editing or audio post completed also.

Step 2

Toby will contact you with a quote and a sample recording of your script (if supplied).

Step 3

If you find the demo recording and price acceptable then email back a confirmation and attach the final script. Make sure the script is 100% correct as any alterations after this point may be incur additional charges to those quoted.

Step 4

Toby will record the full script and send to you an mp3, aiff or wave file of the recording, plus a PayPal invoice. You can listen in to the session and give live direction if required using Skype or phone patch or even connect professionally studio to studio using Source Connect Pro. Or you can just wait for the files to arrive! It'd up to you...

Step 5

If you are completely satisfied with the recording then the work is done any you pay the invoice. If you feel that the read is not quite right, or something is mispronounced then email back with specific re-recording instructions. Toby will re-record as per your instructions and send through the revised files. You only pay once you're satisfied with the recording.


What formats will you supply the files in? 

Most audio formats can be supplied, but the most common are mp3 (at 128 kbps mono), wav, and aiff (at uncompressed 44.1khz or 48khz at 16bit). Any sample rate or bit depth can be supplied up to 192khz, 32 bit.

What is your turnaround time?

24 hours is the target time frame for supplying audio to you from the time your confirmation email and final script is received.

Can I listen in to the recording live and provide real-time feedback?

Yes! Using Phone, Skype, Source Connect Now,  or source connect Pro you are able to listen in to the recording and provide real-time feedback anywhere in the world on any device! Visit the connect page to connect! I can also offer ISDN via a bridging service for a small extra fee.

What if I don't like the recording?

I will give you several more reads if necessary to try to achieve your vision, but if after this time I am unsuccessful then I will cancel the invoice. You only pay for the files once they are recorded to your satisfaction. 

What are your payment terms?

My standard payment terms are net 7 days of suppying final audio files and invoice.

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